It is important to develop construction and organization of private kindergartens in Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov said at an enlarged session of the board of the Ministry of Education and Science of Kazakhstan.

“We need to develop a network of private kindergartens. Certainly, we have to stimulate it and create necessary conditions. Presently, the Government submitted amendments to the Law on public-private partnership to the Parliament. I believe that thanks to amended legislation investors will find it attractive to invest in social facilities soon. The task of the Government, Ministry and akimats to address the issues of stimulation of attraction of investments into construction of preschool institutions,” S. Akhmetov said.

The Premier also told that “Balapan” Program had been implemented in Kazakhstan in the sphere of preschool education since 2009 and the embracement of children with preschool education increased almost 2 times.

Besides, he noted that Kostanay region reached almost 100% embracement, Karaganda region - 98%, Pavlodar region – 95% and some regions had these figures at the level of 50-60%.

“I think it’s not enough. We need 100% and more and we need competitiveness in the sphere. Kindergartens regardless of their property form have to compete for every child,” the Prime Minister said.

S. Akhmetov also emphasized that it can be achieved thanks to the instruments of public-private partnership and its main component – per capita financing and co-financing from the national and local budgets and parents’ payment.

“We already have this mechanism functioning in the country, in Kyzylorda region and some other regions. We need to adopt and transfer this experience,” the Minister said.

Today, the draft Resolution “On issuance of government equity securities in foreign capital markets” was adopted at the sitting of the Government of Kazakhstan chaired by Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov.

“The deficit of the national budget for 2013 is approved in the volume of KZT 785 bln or 2.1% to the GDP. Financing of the deficit is planned to be held due to issuance of securities in foreign capital markets amounting to KZT 537 bln,” Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan B. Zhamishev said representing the draft resolution.

“According to him, as of January 1, 2013, the government debt reached KZT 3 626 bln, the share of internal debt – 80% or KZT 2 896 bln, the share of foreign debt – 20% or KZT 729 bln. Issuing Eurobonds amounting to KZT 150 bln the foreign debt will reach KZT 879 bln or 24.2% of the total volume of the debt portfolio,” B. Zhamishev said.

B. Zhamishev noted that the increase of the deficit in the second half of the year led to a rapid growth of the interest rate for government securities in the domestic market.

“In case of not issuance of Eurobonds, additional issuance of government securities in domestic market totaling KZT 150 bln will lead to additional pressure on the economic viability of government securities and increase expenses of the government debt which was observed in 2012,” the Minister noted.

“Issuance of Eurobonds of Kazakhstan becomes truly relevant in view of expected emergence of the national companies to foreign markets in 2013,” B. Zhamishev added.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov introduced new Governor of Karaganda region today.
S. Akhmetov took part in a special session of the regional maslikhat where he read out the letter from the President of Kazakhstan with the proposal to appoint Baurzhan Abdishev Governor of the region. The deputies unanimously supported the candidature.


After the session S. Akhmetov introduced new Governor to the authorities of the region. 
“New Governor will face new tasks set for the region. The President pays special attention to development of Karaganda region. I’m confident B. Abdishev will justify the trust of the President,” S. Akhmetov said. 
Besides, S. Akhmetov thanked former Governor of the region Abelgazi Kussainov for his work and wished him success in future work.
As is known, A. Kussainov is appointed as Chairman of the Federation of Trade Unions of Kazakhstan.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov signed a resolution of the Government of Kazakhstan “On establishment of the state commission on investigation of the CRJ 200 LR plane crash near the airport of Almaty”, the press service of the Prime Minster informs.

The statement of the press service reads that First Deputy Prime Minister, Minster of Regional Development of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev will head the commission. Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Bozhko, Minister of Transport and Communications Askar Zhumagaliyev, representatives of the General Prosecutor’s Office, Chief Transport Prosecutor’s Office and the other state bodies are among the members of the commission.

The commission has already launched the investigation of the causes of the accident.

The information about the crashed aircraft: CRJ 200LR (tail number UR-CJ006) year of manufacture - 2000, serial number 7413. Flight hours since placed in service – 25707 hours, 22975 landings. The date of the last repair is June 26, 2011. The airworthiness certificate is valid through September 20, 2013.

Today, at the enlarged session of the board of the Ministry of Oil and Gas, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov charged the Ministry to develop a master of gasification in 2013.

“I charge your Ministry to develop a master plan of gasification this year. During this work, special attention should be paid to the issues of providing rural localities with the access to the gas supply network. It is an important issue,” S. Akhmetov noted.

Besides, the Premier gave instructions to put into operation the first stage of the Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas supply network.

“In accordance with the instructions of the President, it is necessary to put into operation the first stage of the Beineu-Bozoi-Shymkent gas supply network and finish all the preparation work on the second stage of the Beineu-Bozoi network and begin its implementation in 2013 instead of planned before 2014,” S. Akhmetov emphasized.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov introduced new head of the Agency for Competition Protection Bolatbek Kuandykov to the personnel of the Agency today.

“B.Kuandykov held senior positions in the National Bank system, Ministry of Economy and Budget Planning, Ministry of Emergency Situations. He also worked as Governor of Kyzylorda region and know the situation in the regions very well,” S.Akhmetov said.

The Prime Minister emphasized that the President set a number of topical tasks before the Agency.

“First of all, the food prices must be under permanent control. This is a socially important issue. For this reason, it is important to prevent unreasonable increase of prices for food jointly with the regional governors. The price policy at the market of fuel and lubricants should be under control as well,” S.Akhmetov noted.

The Premier also expressed gratitude to former head of the Agency Gabidulla Abdrakhimov for his work.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov chaired a session of the Government held in the Ukimet Uyi today. He gave a number of specific instructions to the heads of state agencies regarding fulfillment of tasks set by the President at the session on January 23, 2013, the press service of the Prime Minister reported.

Opening the session, S.Akhmetov said that the President’s instructions needs to be specified and responsible executives should be appointed for successful implementation of tasks set before the Government and governors. The Premier charged his deputies to coordinate and control over fulfillment of the tasks of the President paying special attention to his personal instructions.

Thus, in order to fulfill the tasks on infrastructure development, S.Akhmetov tasked to develop and submit proposals on construction of Astana-Almaty railway line and roads Astana-Almaty, Astana-Aktau, Astana-Ust-Kamenogorsk and continue construction of Zhezkazgan-Beineu and Arkalyk-Shubarkol railways.

Implementation of two out of three projects on Aktau sea port development will be accelerated. The construction of Tobol-Kokshetau-Astana gas pipeline is planned to be commenced this year.

“The Ministries of Economy, Finance, Education and Science, Healthcare, Culture, regional governors and Mayors of Astana and Almaty should ensure implementation of the President’s instruction on freezing construction of new social facilities, allotting undisbursed funds for the capital and minor repairs of the existing facilities,” S.Akhmetov instructed.

The Head of Government also charged to draft and submit for consideration decisions on the place of construction and configuration of a nuclear power plant, establishment of the Single Pension Fund and develop a new Business Road Map for crisis response.

“The Ministry of Environment Protection must develop and submit for consideration of the State Commission a draft concept of holding the EXPO-2017. “Samruk-Kazyna” Fund and the akimat of Astana should submit proposals on implementation of a pilot project on construction of a “green block” in Astana. “Astana EXPO” national company and the akimat of Astana must ensure organization of the international contest of master plans and architectural design of the exhibition complex,” S.Akhmetov said.

Besides, the akimat of Astana will work on a program of Astana rebranding and the Ministry of Industry jointly with “Samruk-Kazyna” will draft a proposal on provision of the EXPO-2017 with electricity supplies from alternative energy sources.

 Министерство экономики и бюджетного планирования РК разработало поправки в законодательство, облегчающие слияние банков, прошедших реструктуризацию.
Об этом сообщил вице-министр Абай Ескендиров в ходе презентации проекта Закона "О внесении изменений и дополнений в некоторые законодательные акты РК по вопросам дальнейшего развития банков второго уровня, осуществивших реструктуризацию".
По словам А.Ескендирова, предлагаемые поправки предусматривают возможность принятия решения о присоединении к другому банку 75 процентами голосов акционеров. При этом, поправки касаются только тех банков, в которых 50 и более процентов голосующих акций прямо или косвенно принадлежали ФНБ "Самрук-Казына". Соответственно, предлагается также поправка, позволяющая этим банкам приобретать акции других банков.
Принявшая участие в презентации заместитель правления ФНБ "Самрук-Казына" Елена Бахмутова, в свою очередь отметила, что в дальнейшем может быть принято решение о слиянии банков, прошедших реструктуризацию, исходя из соображений экономической целесообразности.
В настоящее время в Казахстане прошли реструктуризацию три банка второго уровня: БТА Банк, Темир банк и Альянс банк.


Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov chaired a session of the Government of Kazakhstan in the Ukimet Uyi today. The session was focused on the results of the work on improvement of the World Bank’s “Doing Business” rankings and tasks for 2013.

As Minister of Economy and Budget Planning of Kazakhstan Yerbolat Dossayev noted, one of the indicators of the Government’s work on improvement of business climate is Kazakhstan’s positions in the World Bank’s “Doing Business” rankings. In accordance with the annually changing assessment methodology, Kazakhstan was ranked 49th in 2012 leaving behind China (91st place), Turkey (71st place), Poland (55th place), Russia (112th place), Belarus (58th place) and Kyrgyzstan (70th place). 

“Kazakhstan climbed up 30 positions in the “Starting a Business” rankings (from the 55th to 25th place) due to simplification of the procedure of launching an enterprise and elimination of the requirement to pay in minimum capital within three months after incorporation,” Y. Dossayev said.

In “Resolving Insolvency” ranking (55th position), the country introduced an accelerated rehabilitation proceeding, changed requirements for bankruptcy filings, extended the rights of creditors, etc.

Besides, Y. Dossayev specified that Kazakhstan’s positions according to some of the indicators are not high enough. Despite the work on improvement of the indicators “Dealing with Construction Permits” and “Trading Across Borders” the country was still ranked 155th and 182nd.

“The work on improvement of “Doing Business” rankings is aimed not only at modernization of the legal base but also at improvement of business climate in general and at increasing its investment attractiveness,” Y. Dossayev added.

Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan Bolat Zhamishev and Head of the Agency for Construction, Housing and Utilities of Kazakhstan Serik Nokin and Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Kazakhstan Bisengali Tadzhiyakov reported on the work aimed at improvement of the other indicators of the World Bank’s rankings.

Upon the completion of the sitting S. Akhmetov charged the heads of state bodies to continue work within the Complex Plan on improvement of the “Doing Business” indicators for 2013.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov held a meeting with member of the Collegium (Minister) on energy and infrastructure of the Eurasian Economic Commission Danial Akhmetov in the Ukimet Uyi today.

D.Akhmetov informed the Prime Minister on the activities of the Eurasian Economic Commission, its current and future plans at the meeting.

“In accordance with the instructions of our Presidents, we must develop action programs of the Commission by May 1, 2013. I also told the Prime Minister about the work on codification of regulatory and legal framework, about new documents elaborated by the Commission and new spheres of integration that we plan to work in soon,” D.Akhmetov said after the meeting.

According to him, the new integration areas are involved in organization of common markets in different sectors of the Kazakh economy, first of all in the electric energy sphere.  

“Certainly, Kazakhstani specialists will take active part in all integration processes. Any economic agreement is based on the principals of equality, competitiveness, work ethic, therefore the results of Kazakhstan’s activities within the Customs Union are obvious. we have achieved an essential increase in trade turnover,” D.Akhmetov resumed.



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