Prime Minister Karim Massimov got acquainted with the housing construction progress in Kostanay region.

In the regional center K.Massimov visited a construction site of a new neighborhood area "Airport" that is built under "Nurly Zhol” state program.

Four residential buildings with a total area of ​​14 300 square meters have already been constructed and commissioned in the neighborhood area. It is planned to build 23 more buildings. The total construction area is over 165 thousand square meters. It is planned to build two kindergartens for 280 places, a secondary school for 900 places, play and sports grounds, parking lots, green recreational areas.

According to the akimat of Kostanay region, it is planned to put into service 185 thousand square meters of housing, 32.6 thousand square meters - in the framework of "Nurly Zhol" program.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov inspected the work of Kostanay Airport.

"I inspected the Kostanay airport. It requires reconstruction," Prime Minister of Kazakhstan wrote in his Twitter account.

Director of the transport aviation hub Yuri Kim informed K.Massimov on the reconstruction progress of a runway and a passenger terminal, familiarized with the security system.

Director of the regional branch of "NC" KazAvtoZhol" JSC Andrey Gorvat reported Prime Minister on ongoing and perspective reconstruction and construction work of the republican roads on the territory of Kostanay region.

"International airport "Kostanay" JSC, built in 1964, belongs to "B" class and owns airport complex, airport passenger terminal, airfield, aerotechnical base, ground equipment and other necessary equipment.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

By order of the Head of State, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov pays working visits to the regions. Today K.Massimov has arrived in Kostanay region to personally evaluate development of the region and to discuss problematic issues.

In particular, Prime Minister will get acquainted with the housing construction progress, development of automobile cluster, will visit a number of enterprises of agriculture and industry, and will hold a meeting on improving quality of public services to the population.

In addition, K.Massimov will hold a separate meeting on animal husbandry development with the participation of heads of agricultural enterprises. Particular attention will be paid to the workload problems of existing capacities of domestic enterprises and improvement of the products quality.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

During a working visit to North Kazakhstan region Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov held a meeting on labor mobility in the framework of "Employment Roadmap-2020" program.

K.Massimov noted that in recent years the population migratory mobility has increased significantly, the volume of inter-regional and regional migration has risen.

In this regard, an issue of rational settlement of the country population is becoming relevant.

Prime Minister reminded that in order to address this issue, the Government adopted the Law on Migration and introduced regional quotas for reception of in-migrants and repatriated Kazakhs. In February of the current year the Government has identified several areas with labour deficit, including North-Kazakhstan region.

In the framework of the meeting, the Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova, Deputy Akim of North Kazakhstan region Anarhan Dyussenova, as well as the heads of private organizations gave reports.

K.Massimov noted that implementation of "Employment Roadmap-2020" program in the region should contribute to the solution of social problems, ensure employment and rational use of labor resources.

At the end of the meeting the Prime Minister gave a number of specific instructions to the Ministry of Health and Social Development, the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Information and Communications, as well as to the Akimat and other state bodies.

It should be noted that this year by a comprehensive plan over 417 thousand people in Kazakhstan will be employed. The main measures implemented in the framework of "Employment Roadmap 2020", for which were allocated 101 billion tenge.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev participated in in the Board meeting of the Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC), which was held via video conferencing.

The Board members discussed issues of customs and tariff regulation related to a reduction of rates of import customs duty on certain types of goods.

At request of Kazakhstani enterprises it was decided to exempt customs duty for titanium oxide imported on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan since September 1, 2016 till August 31, 2021. This measure will reduce production costs and improve competitiveness of domestic producers of titanium products.

In addition, at the meeting was approved reduction of rates of import customs duty for vehicles with electric motors, as well as for certain types of components of vehicles using natural gas as fuel. For Kazakhstan, these measures are high priority in the framework of the transition to "green" economy.

The EEC board members approved a detailed Plan of action to implement "one-stop-shop" mechanism in the system of foreign economic activity, which is an effective tool to optimize business processes and enable to reduce entrepreneurs’ expenses in export-import operations.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

During the working trip to North Kazakhstan region Prime Minister Karim Massimov visited a kindergarten that is being constructed under "Nurly Zhol" program.

Akim of Petropavlovsk M.Tasmaganbetov reported to Prime Minister that the kindergarten is scheduled to be commissioned before the end of July. The total kindergarten capacity is 320 places.

The total area, including play areas, is 11 thousand square meters. The project cost exceeds 700 million tenge.

It should be noted that today Petropavlovsk has about 60 preschool institutions, 25 of which are public, 5 are private, 18 mini-centers and one school-kindergarten.

According to city administration, in Petropavlovsk children aged three to six are provided with places in pre-school institutions by 86%, in the region ​​this figure exceeds 90%.

Earlier it was reported that by "Nurly Zhol" program 10 billion tenge were allocated for the construction of kindergartens. In three years it is planned to build 27 kindergartens, a large part of which to be built in areas with low involvement in preschool education. 

In addition, the region implements a public-private partnership program, which allows to make a best use of the funds, optimizing the republican and local budgets.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Masimov during his working trip to North Kazakhstan region visited "Machine Building Plant KAZTEHMASH"LLP, where he inspected the equipment located on the premises.

In addition, K.Massimov visited a production workshop of the enterprise, where he got acquainted with the production process.

Akim of the region Erik Sultanov showed K.Massimov production of mechanical engineering enterprises: "Avagro" LLP, "Petropavlovsk Tractor Plant" LLP, "Kaztehmash" LLP, "PZTM" JSC.

K.Massimov familiarized with the Entrepreneurship supportprogram of the North Kazakhstan region "Construction of mining complex "Syrymbet" on processing of tin ores".

It should be noted that the project aims to create the first in Central Asia tin production using the most efficient technology and following the best environmental standards. The planned production volume is 6 050 tonnes of tin metal annually.

During the construction period there will be created about 100 jobs, during the production period of - more than 700. jobs The total estimated project cost is more than 20 billion tenge.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

During the working visit to North Kazakhstan region Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov got acquainted with development of ​​physical culture, mass and Olympic sports in the region.

K.Massimov visited a new Palace of Sports named after Alexander Vinokourov. The Prime Minister attended a training session of young athletes and football players, looked over an ice rink and sports halls. K.Massimov met with athletes of the region in order to discuss pressing sport issues, got acquainted with the training process.

It should be noted that the Palace of Sports named after A.Vinokourov was built in Petropavlovsk at the end of 2015. In addition to a large-scale ice rink the sports complex has a base for cyclists, gym, halls for martial arts and general physical preparation.

According to the Physical Education and Sports Department of the North Kazakhstan region, today over 160 thousand people in the region are engaged in sports activities.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

By order of the President of Kazakhstan Prime Minister Karim Massimov arrived in North Kazakhstan region to get acquainted with situation in the region and to discuss existing problematic issues.

The working trip began in Aiyrtau district where the Prime Minister visited fields of "Babyk-Burluk" LLP engaged in cultivation of cereals, oilseeds and forage crops.

After getting acquainted with the enterpise's activities K.Massimov held a meeting on problematic issues of development of the agro-industrial complex with the participation of representatives of national associations and agribusiness enterprises, the NCE "Atameken", heads of state bodies.

During the meeting they discussed development of agricultural industry, advancement of the subsidy system, raising efficiency of the farmers financial support mechanisms.

In addition, the meeting participants discussed new approaches to increase labour productivity and create jobs in agriculture, Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan - Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov announced.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Today in the Ukimet Uyi Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has held a regular meeting of the Government in a selector mode.

Before considering the agenda Karim Massimov asked the Minister of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan Kalmukhanbet Kassymov about measures taken to prevent emergency situations at water reservoirs.

"Since the beginning of the year, 198 people were drowned, including 82 children. Last year in the same period of time 265 people were drowned, there is a decrease, measures are being taken.  We have 50 thousand water reservoirs, only 125 of them are equipped, there are our rescuers,” K.Kassymov said, noting that among the main reasons of drowning are unequipped ponds, leaving children unattended and safety violation on water.

The Minister of Transport and Communications of Kazakhstan Zhenis Kassymbek said that within the framework of the Prime Minister’s instructions on strengthening security measures at airports there are given appropriate instructions. All airports have the first security check line and fences, purchase of additional equipment is considered.

The Minister of National Economy Kuandyk Bishimbayev informed about implementation of the President's instructions given at the Day of industrialization on July 1, 2016.

"By now there were issued over 556 thousand microloans in total of 120 billion tenge, from which 138 thousand microloans amounting to 64.6 billion tenge were allocated for business purposes. 98% of all microloans are issued in the cities. This is what private sector provides. Microloans as state support are provided in the framework of "Employment Roadmap-2020", "Business Roadmap-2020" programs, there are similar tools in "Agribusiness-2020" program, and generally all of them are concentrated in rural areas, in major cities microloans of government programs are not granted," K.Bishimbayev said.

The Minister noted that microloan directions often overlap, there is no single operator in rural areas and in the cities to perform monitoring.

Taking into account the President's instructions it is offered: the first - to expand microloan in cities where there is a labor surplus and great influx of young people from rural areas, in order to enable them to start business activities. The second - to use infrastructure of second tier banks and microfinance institutions through credit allocation. The third - to clearly define microloan operators in rural areas within the framework of "Agribusiness 2020" and "Employment Roadmap-2020" programs and in cities through "Damu" Entrepreneurship Development Fund. On the basis of "Damu" to set up microloan introduction program with clear monitoring system of the supported projects,” the Minister of National Economy said.

According to him, microloan of business activities in rural areas is to focus on involvement of private farms in the agricultural cooperation system, as well as providing infrastructure around these cooperatives.

"We believe that in order to launch a massive enterprise, it is necessary to increase the volume of microloans in the cities, and therefore we offer to consider possibility of increasing microloans in the cities up to 50 billion tenge annually, as well as to provide resources amounting to 8 billion tenge for assurance system. According to our estimation, it will support over 10 thousand projects of young and aspiring entrepreneurs, in the cities as well," K.Bishimbayev said.

The second agenda was state of veterinary control and animal burial sites in the regions.

According to Deputy Minister of Agriculture Gulmira Issayeva, in total there are registered 2604 anthrax burial sites in the country, including 1890 established, 714 not established animal burial sites. 702 burial sites in Kazakhstan do not have necessary barriers or markings.

"Akimats are to carry out maintenance of anthrax burial sites. For this purpose, the country requires 1.6 billion tenge and only 22% of the required sum was allocated over the past two years," the Deputy Minister said.

In this regard, she noted the need to allocate additional funds for arrangement of anthrax burial sites, continuation of expeditions on searching unidentified burial sites and updating their registry.

In turn, the Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Askar Myrzakhmetov offered to purchase special equipment for carcass disposal of infected animals, in order not to create new burial sites in the future.

Karim Masimov has supported this idea and instructed A.Myrzakhmetov to discuss this issue with experts.

In addition, at the meeting the Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Tamara Duissenova reported on outcome monitoring of wage arrears in the country.

According to her, today in Kazakhstan the wage arrears amounts to 1.5 billion tenge to 9 thousand employees at125 enterprises.

Since the beginning of the year, the state labor inspectors revealed wage arrears at 903 enterprises in total of 4.1 billion tenge to 35 thousand employees. Due to violations there were issued 681 injunctions, imposed 652 fines amounting to 113 million tenge. As a result, 3.5 billion tenge of arrears were paid off and the rights of over 27 thousand employees were protected, T.Duissenova concluded.

Development of agriculture was discussed within the third agenda. Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture A.Myrzakhmetov presented a Plan of measures to improve investment climate in agriculture.

In particular, the Plan ensures increase of subsidized interest rate from 7% to 10% on loans, from 10% to 13% on leasing. "Thus, at an interest rate of 19% on loan,  agricultural producers pay 12% and 9% on leasing, in the future they will pay 9% and 6% respectively," the Head of the Ministry of Agriculture said.

In general, the Plan implementation is aimed at improving conditions for attracting investment in the industry, increasing availability of financing and water supply of agribusiness entities, as well as problems solution of trade infrastructure and domestic products distribution.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister Karim Masimov discussed problematic issues with heads of farms of Kyzylorda region. The main issue of the meeting was to discuss measures on increasing employment in rural areas.

K.Massimov said the government is currently taking a number of measures to boost employment, especially in rural areas.

He also noted that at present the number of self-employed in rural areas is about 1.5 million people.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan instructed to engage into productive employment a potential of private farms. Agricultural cooperatives can further engage the work pieces of wool and animal skin, vegetables and fruit, beekeeping, poultry farming, commercial fish farming.

It should be noted that the meeting was held at the end of K.Massimov’s visit to "RZA" dairy complex with "Damdi" trademark. For the first quarter of 2016, 1 506.4 tons of raw milk was produced, which is equal to 79 million tenge, the planned capacity is implemented for 102.4%.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Issues on restoring water infrastructure of irrigated lands are discussed in Kyzylorda region at the republican meeting chaired by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov.

Heads of ministries and regional akimats, representatives of international financial organizations took part in the event.

Karim Massimov noted that development of irrigated agriculture is an important task of all regions of our country. The Government by order of the President of Kazakhstan implements a set of specific measures to solve this issue.

According to the Prime Minister, involvement of irrigated lands will significantly increase labour efficiency in agriculture, which today is a key goal of agro-industrial sector. Concurrently, there will resolved issues of productive employment.

Karim Massimov urged regional akims (governors) to use opportunities of international financial institutions and PPPs mechanisms to a maximum extent in implementing irrigation projects.

Comments and suggestions announced during the meeting will be compiled and submitted to the Government until August 1, 2016.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

In the framework of the working visit to Kyzylorda region Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov familiarized with activities of children's health and education center located in "Kambash" recreation area of Aral district.

Prime Minister was informed about recreation, leisure and occupation of children during the summer holidays.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

During the working trip to Kyzylorda region Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has familiarized with implementation of industrial projects in the manufacturing industry by an example of "Araltuz" plant on production of edible and industrial salt.

At the plant Prime Minister observed modern equipment and manufacturing process, showed samples of finished products, told about prospects of the production expansion.

The venture is located in Zhaksykylysh village in Aral district. This year it is planned to commission a new workshop. It will lead to increase of manufacturing capacity, mastering production of edible and industrial salt, which were not produced in the country.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan



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