During the visit to a new Palace of schoolchildren in Taldykorgan Prime Minister Karim Massimov held a meeting with the public of Almaty region.

The event was also attended by the heads of several state bodies and national companies. Akim of the region Amandyk Batalov informed about the results and prospects of social and economic development of the region.

The Prime Minister began his speech with congratulations. Karim Massimov congratulated everyone on the celebration of Police Day and the Day of the civil servant, that are celebrated in Kazakhstan on June 23.

The Prime Minister visited a number of socially important facilities, familiarized with the implementation of infrastructure and housing projects of "Nurly Zhol" program, measures to support entrepreneurship, industrial production and agriculture.

"Today was a productive day, I will give instructions to the responsible executives to ensure each question raised today would be considered.  It is essential that each person who is present at the meeting could feel these decisions. It is instruction of the Head of State," K.Massimov said.

The Prime Minister also met with youth activists. "All of them are the same age as independence of our country. They are completely different people - open, free, competent, speak perfectly Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages. It's good to know," Karim Massimov said.

At the end of the meeting K. Masimov wished the residents well-being and prosperity of the region.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

By order of the Head of State, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov arrived in Almaty region for a working trip.

In Taldykorgan Prime Minister inspected the course of airport reconstruction and checked the work of the aviation security service.

23062016 2

In addition, Karim Massimov familiarized with the construction project of the Yugo-Zapadnyi residential area. This year was completed construction of four residential buildings with a total area of ​​16.9 thousand square meters, and construction of five residential buildings of 705 apartments is in process. The residential area will include nine kindergartens, five schools, an outpatient hospital and a number of other socially important facilities. 

23062016 3

Leadership of the regional akimat informed the Prime Minister about the social and economic development of the region, implementation of infrastructure and housing projects, agriculture, gas and drinking water supply.

In addition, within his visit to a newly built Youth Service Center, K.Massimov held a meeting with youth leaders, during which they discussed the most relevant issues of the younger generation, in particular, employment, support for entrepreneurship, development prospects of the youth movements.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

23062016 1

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has been daily informed about the situation onthe outbreak of anthrax in Karaganda region.

Today, Deputy Chairman of Committee for protection of consumers’ rights of the Ministry of National Economy - Chief State Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan Zhandarbek Bekshin reported that "no new cases of anthrax had been recorded among the population over the past 24 hours".

However, there is a special headquarters in the region, the village is under quarantine. "The movement of animals and products from this locality is prohibited. The situation is under control, chemoprophylaxis and antibiotic therapy are being conducted," the Chief Sanitary Doctor of the Republic of Kazakhstan assured.

Following the report Karim Massimov instructed the Ministry of National Economy, the Ministry of Agriculture in cooperation with the local authorities to continue protection of the population from the spread of infection.

"Firstly, it is necessary to ensure protection of people. The second problem is that we need a set of measures to avoid such cases in the country. Personally I instruct to keep this issue under constant control," K.Massimov ordered.

The Prime Minister said he will pay a working visit to Karaganda region to check the situation on site. He will conduct a separate meeting on this issue.

Earlier it was reported that two people died and seven more were hospitalized due to the suspected anthrax outbreak in Erkindik village on June 19-22. The infection was induced by sick domestic animals scored without proper conditions.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

21062016 1

Today Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov introduced to the staff of the Ministry of Investments and Development a new Minister - Zhenis Kassymbek, appointed by the Decree of the President of Kazakhstan.

"The Head of State gave you high credence. I hope you will continue developments initiated by Asset Issekeshev, and bring fresh, new ideas and will honorably represent the industry. I wish you success in a new work site," K. Masimov said, addressing the Minister.

In turn, Zh.Kasymbek assured that he will make every effort to justify the high confidence of the President.

The Prime Minister also thanked the former Head of the Ministry Asset Issekeshev for the work in the Government on implementation of the tasks given by the Head of State and expressed confidence that his experience will be in demand in the new position.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan K.Massimov has finished his working visit to Aktobe region.

Karim Massimov visited "Aktyubstroyhimmontazh" LLP and "Aktobe rail and structural steel mill" LLP where he got acquainted with the manufacturing process and discussed support of industrial enterprises, increase of manufacturing capacity, improving competitiveness of domestic products.

Prime Minister visited "Prigorodnyi” LLP, where he was informed about development of agriculture, introduction of irrigated agriculture, increasing export potential of livestock industry in the region.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov visited No.6655 military unit in Aktobe and laid a wreath to the place of death of military men killed in repelling terrorist attack on June 5, 2016

On the territory of the military unit K.Massimov held a meeting on implementation of the President's instructions given at the Security Council meeting. The event began with a minute of silence to the memory of victims of terrorist attacks.

"Recently, our country has experienced tragic events, which resulted in death of civilians and military men. We all mourn for the killed and  are proud of heroism of police and military personnel who died while defending the population. Actions of law enforcement agencies stopped terrorism, restored peace and security in the region. As the head of state, emphasized peace and security are the most important values ​​of our country," K.Massimov said.

During the meeting, heads of the National Security Committee and Department of Internal Affairs informed Prime Minister on the results of the regional operational headquarters for the fight against terrorism, as well as measures taken to ensure public security and order.

Summing up the discussion, Karim Massimov assured that the situation in Aktobe region is under control.

"The tasks set by the Head of State on providing public security and stability have been conducted. Now the main aim is to return the region to the former regime," Prime Minister said.

In this regard, K. Massimov instructed the local authorities to speed up work in the field of employment, youth policy and development of entrepreneurship.

Press service of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan


Today in the Ukimet Uyi Prime Minister Karim Massimov has held a regular session of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan in a selector mode.

While opening the session, K.Massimov has congratulated Askar Myrzakhmetov on appointment to a post of Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The new Deputy Prime Minister is to head work of the Land Reform Commission. Previously, the position was held by the First Deputy Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev.

Karim Massimov also noted that today members of the National commission on modernization reported on interim results of their work to the President.

"Head of state received the report and gave instructions. We are to make adjustments to some issues. The Commission will continue its work, the reforms continue to be implemented," K. Massimov said.

In addition, Prime Minister noted that at today's meeting they obtained President's approval on adjustments to the current economic policy.

In particular, the task is to ensure growth of production output in economy sectors where is a decrease in output. In this regard, K.Massimov instructed the Ministry of Energy and "NC" KazMunayGas" JSC to ensure increase oil extraction from the planned 74 million tons to 75 million tons and in October 2016 to launch Kashagan oilfield.

"All negotiations have been conducted, necessary decisions have been taken. You and the consortium need to bring it to a logical conclusion and launch Kashagan oilfield in October," Prime Minister instructed.

In addition, state agencies are to optimize scheduled repairs of domestic refineries, consider reducing maximum tariffs for electricity, increase supply of iron ore at "SSGPO" JSC.

"The President has entrusted very large and important tasks, has supported allocation of specific resources, and people need in the coming months and weeks to feel practical implementation of these decisions," Karim Massimov said referring to the Government members.

Within the session’s agenda Minister of National Economy Kuandik Bishimbayev informed on development and support of business.

According to him, the number of SMEs increased by 1.3% in 2016. The number of employed in this sector in last year amounted to 3,146,576 people, which is 2.8% more than in 2014. Entrepreneurs manufactured products for 15 trillion 858 billion tenge.

"Currently there are taken support measures for SME in the framework of "Business Roadmap-2020" program. On concessional financing of SMEs in the manufacturing sector is allocated 200 billion tenge. Due to the revolving use of the fund  by June 1, 2016 over 1 300 projects are financed and amounted to over 260 billion tenge. This allowed to manufacture products for over 740 billion tenge and to create over 15 thousand workplaces, provide tax receipts worth more than 66 billion tenge," Minister of National Economy said.

According K.Bishimbayev for five months of this year about 640 projects were subsidized, 272 guarantees were issued for 64.8 billion tenge within “Business Roadmap-2020” program. In order to increase the competence of entrepreneurship more than 7000 entrepreneurs have been trained, over 60000 entrepreneurs got 11 000 services.

In consequence of the programme implementation for the first quarter of the current year participants have paid taxes amounting to 37 billion tenge, total output was 370 billion tenge, about 8,000 workplaces were preserved and created. On average, according to our estimates, for 1 tenge of budgetary funds invested within "Business Roadmap-2020" program we receive 1.5 tenge of taxes, per participant are created and saved about 20 workplaces. The average labor efficiency of the program participants is 9 million tenge per year," K.Bishimbayev said.

As part of the additional anti-crisis measures for 2016, funding of SME and refinancing loans in the amount of 200 billion tenge from the funds the SAPF. It is also planned to attract 65 million tenge from international financial institutions, the minister added.

On this point speeches were delivered by Deputy Chairman of the Board of "NMH"Baiterek" JSC Lyazzat Ibragimova and the head of the NCE "Atameken" Ablai Myrzahmetov.

Minister of Finance of Kazakhstan Bakhyt Sultanov informed about progress of property legalization campaign.

According to the Minister, today the amount of property legalization applications has reached 1.8 trillion tenge, which includes legalization of 1.6 trillion tenge. Over the entire period about 91 thousand people have participated in the campaign.

"Together, we have achieved a good information support and quality service for citizens by banks and commission employees. Qualification of employees of banks, commissions and tax authorities has increased significantly since we had complaints on incompetence of individual employees in matters of legalization," he said.

"These and other factors have promoted to enrolling to bank accounts over 300 billion tenge in May. The average level of the money transfer since beginning of the year reached 160 billion tenge," Minister of Finance said.

Summing up the meeting, Karim Massimov voiced a number of tasks on implementation of the President's instructions given at the Security Council meeting.

In particular, the National Security Committee, together with interested state bodies were instructed to develop a draft law and other regulatory legal acts aimed at improving legislation in the sphere of counteraction to extremism and terrorism, arms trafficking, migration management, etc.

Ministry of Health and Social Development in collaboration with state and local agencies were instructed to work with the youth in order to ensure their employability.

Ministry for Investment and Development in cooperation with the National Security Committee, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" were instructed to take measures to establish common technical requirements for the equipment of airports, bus stations and railway stations, modern inspection systems.

The Head of Government noted that youth employment, security in airports, railway stations and other important issues will be discussed in the course of his working trips to the regions.

"I instruct all interested state agencies to provide timely and quality implementation of orders of the Head of State at the recent meeting of the Security Council. I want to emphasize that the heads of state bodies are personally responsible for the performance of the President's instructions,' K. Massimov concluded.

Press sevice of the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

Today in Bishkek Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov took part in the regular sitting of the CIS Council of the Heads of Governments.  

The participants discussed a wide range of issues on development of integration cooperation in trade and economic spheres, energy, health and education.

In particular, at the meeting the heads of delegations considered the amendments to the unified budget of the CIS bodies in 2016, the Chairman of the Executive Committee - CIS Executive Secretary Sergey Lebedev said during the expanded sitting.  

Beyond the agenda, the CIS Executive Committee informed about implementation of the protocol decision of the CIS Council of Heads of State on propositions of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated October 16, 2015.

"The sitting held an animated and constructive exchange of opinions on improving the CIS activities and there was adopted a protocol decision entrusting to the CIS Council of Permanent Plenipotentiary Representatives, Economic Council and  Executive Committee of the CIS to take into account all the comments, opinions and arguments expressed during the sitting," S.Lebedev said and added that the CIS Council of Heads of State will consider this issue on September 16, 2016 in Bishkek.

Over twenty draft documents were considered and assigned for further broadening and deepening of the CIS countries cooperation in various fields.

Next sitting of the CIS Council of the Heads of Governments to be held in Minsk on October 28, 2016.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Today Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has had a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of the Republic of Turkey Binali Yildirim.

Karim Massimov congratulated the Turkish counterpart on his appointment as Head of the Government and wished him success in his work.

During the talks, the sides discussed the current state and prospects of development of trade and economic cooperation between Kazakhstan and Turkey.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Within the Foreign Investors’ Council under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov held series of bilateral meetings with heads of the world's leading companies.

In particular, Prime Minister met with representatives of companies of oil and gas, mining and pharmaceutical sectors, as well as consulting firms and financial institutions.

During the talks the sides discussed issues on improving the investment climate, implementation of joint projects in Kazakhstan, cooperation within establishment of Astana International Financial Center, exchanged views on the current economic situation in the country and in the world.

Following the meeting the sides expressed willingness for further deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has held a meeting with Director General of the World Trade Organization (WTO) Roberto Azevedo, who arrived in Kazakhstan to participate in the Astana Economic Forum.

During the talks the sides discussed development of bilateral relations.

Karim Massimov noted that Kazakhstan's accession to WTO is to become a strong signal for the international community about our commitment to be a sustainable and predictable partner with the most favorable investment and business climate in the region.

In turn, Director General of WTO has expressed willingness for further strengthening of mutually beneficial cooperation, noting the effectiveness of Kazakhstan's actions towards improvement of business climate and growth of investment attractiveness that is noted in «Doing Business» ranking of the World Bank.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

First Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev held series of meetings with the participants of the Astana Economic Forum.

Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University Jeffrey Sachs and Bakytzhan Sagintayev discussed issues of diversification of the economy, structural reforms in Kazakhstan at the meeting.

Chairman of SPRING Singapore development agency Philip Yeo and First Deputy Prime Minister outlined possible areas for cooperation between Development Institute of Singapore and Kazakhstan.

During the meeting with Professor of Economics at Columbia University, author of the Global Competitiveness Index (GCI) (the World Economic Forum) Xavier Sala-i-Martin, Bakytzhan Sagintayev informed about implementation of the Action plan on improving GIC indicators until 2018 in Kazakhstan. Xavier Sala-i-Martin expressed his expert opinion on improving of Kazakhstan's competitiveness and achieving sustainable economic growth in the medium and long term in our country.

During the meeting B.Sagintaev and Chairman of the OECD Competition Committee Frédéric Jenny discussed questions of transition from economy regulation to competition protection by applying antitrust regulation.

Executive Director of the Reinventing Bretton Woods Committee (RBWC) Marc Uzan informed about a reforming process of the current global financial architecture.

First Deputy Prime Minister held talks with Nobel Prize winner Christopher A. Pissarides, economist Arthur Laffer, Prof. Dr. Klaus Mangold.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan 

Today Astana hosted the Regional Conference of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov, Managing Director of IMF Christine Lagarde, heads of economic blocs of the Central Asian countries, the Caucasus, Russia and Belarus attended the conference.

The participants exchanged views on the current economic situation in the region and discussed measures to overcome short-term shocks and promote midterm growth. They have considered possible means of the IMF assistance to the region.

While opening the conference, Karim Massimov noted that IMF has always been more than just an institutional partner for Kazakhstan. "In a few years we have established strong partnership with the IMF experts. We appreciate and respect their support," Prime Minister said referring to the Fund mission.

Continuing the speech, K. Massimov reminded that it has passed almost 10 years since the beginning of the global financial crisis, but still the world faces risks of situation deterioration and threat to global stability.

"The crisis is present in many countries. Countries with emerging markets encounter capital outflows and drop in commodity prices. Many countries, including Kazakhstan, largely depend on a situation on commodity markets," Karim Massimov said.

According to the Prime Minister, improvement of the financial and economic stability requires adoption of decisive measures of structural and macroeconomic nature, as well as strong partnership between the countries of the region, which is an important condition for successful actions. As effective measures to overcome the economic challenges Karim Massimov gave an example of Kazakhstan on implementation of a new exchange rate and monetary policy in terms of inflation targeting and a flexible exchange rate.

Following the event Karim Massimov and Christine Lagarde held a joint press conference for representatives of mass media.

The IMF chief supported Kazakhstan’s approach in development of the monetary policy.

"This is a really difficult situation. The country decided to use quality strategies in the monetary policy. These measures were correct. In general, we support the Kazakhstan’s approach, aimed at conducting monetary policy and structural reforms, which are to prepare the country to a changed paradigm concerning all countries in the region and especially Kazakhstan,” Christine Lagarde said.

"I was very impressed how Kazakhstan used natural resources, wealth for the good of society, as well as how formed reserves for unfavorable periods when various factors keep down economic growth," the IMF Managing Director confessed.

In turn, K. Massimov noted that in the course of the negotiations the Government of Kazakhstan and the IMF mission discussed concrete steps for the implementation of the five institutional reforms announced by the Head of State.

"I think that the only possibility for Kazakhstan to go through all the challenges that currently faces the world economy - and for Kazakhstan in particular - to continue the economic reforms. At the same time, recently our President said that before starting and implementing the reforms, it is essential to explain them to the people. Therefore, the main challenge that now faces the Government – implementation of the reforms and their specific discussion with participants, people, companies, which are directly related to these reforms," K. Massimov concluded.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Today in the Ukimet Uiy, Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov held a meeting with Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde.

The sides discussed a wide range of issues, including improvement of the monetary policy, implementation of structural reforms, as well as midterm prospects of economic development of Kazakhstan.

"I thank you personally and your team of experts for cooperation, technical assistance and recommendations," K. Massimov said.

The Prime Minister stressed that the Government of Kazakhstan makes every effort to mitigate external negative factors and announced measures implemented by the Government as part of the institutional reforms aimed at sustainable development of Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, Karim Massimov told the IMF members about Nursultan Nazarbayev’s idea to establish the Astana International Financial Centre.

In turn, Christine Lagarde admitted that Kazakhstan "acted quite wisely when decided to establish the National Fund. This gives you an opportunity for maneuvering in monetary policy in order to mitigate the shock".

Christine Lagarde expressed gratitude for warm welcome and invitation to participate in the IMF Regional Conference.

"I think it's a great initiative. I believe we could turn it into a useful forum where regional ministers of finance could communicate with each other," the IMF chief said.

Press service of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan



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