The government commission headed by Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Krymbek Kusherbayev held several meetings in Karatau. At these meetings K. Kusherbayev gave specific instructions to state bodies regarding organization and holding of repair and restoration works paying special attention to repair of the roofs of houses and administration buildings, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan informs.

“The control over the work of the facilities of social sphere, hospitals, schools. The special groups formed by the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Healthcare, local executive bodies, communications and energy services work there. The department of internal affairs of Zhambyl region ensures public order,” the statement of the Ministry reads.

Presently, almost all consumers have gas supply restored. The work on restoration of high-voltage power line-110 kW continues. The cell communication of “Altel” operator has also been restored. Currently, the work on powering the boiler house in Karatau is being held. On January 14, at 3.59 a.m. the poles of high-voltage power lines that had been damaged were repaired. Electricity supply to “Karatau-1” and “Karatau-2” substations has been restored.

5 water carrier trucks are used to supply drinking water to the people of the area. The workers of the Emergency Medicine Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan render psychological aid to people. The preliminary evaluation of the damage is made. 756 people, 132 units of equipment including 270 people of military personnel and 37 units of equipment and one helicopter of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Kazakhstan are involved in restoration work.

The repair work also continues in Zhanatas town of Sarysui district of Zhambyl region. Fire vehicles are involved for providing drinking water for the population of the district.

Specialists of the healthcare department of the region, department for state sanitary and epidemiological supervision, etc work in Talas and Sarysu districts as well. 3 specially equipped vehicles have been sent to the region from the air medical service.

Emergency generators have been launched in boiler houses of central hospital Zhambyl region, schools and kindergarten.

The emergency restoration work on relief of the consequences of emergency situations in South Kazakhstan region is finished. There are no victims or injured people. 266 people and 27 units of equipment were involved in the elimination of consequences of the emergency situation.

These works were also held in Almaty city and Almaty region where the roofs of two schools were damaged because snow.

The power lines of “Zhambyl Electric Stations” LLP supplying power to electric substations PS-110-Karatau-2 were cut off due to  bad weather in Zhambyl region on January 12. As a result, the town of Karatau was left without electricity. Besides, the chimney of “Igilik” boiler-house was damaged by thunder-gusts up to 35-40 meters per second. Due to the emergency situation, the boilers’ functioning and supplies of electricity to Karatau were stopped.

Thus, KEGOK lines – HV line 220 kilowatt was cut off. Talas and Sarysu districts as well as Karatau and Zhanatas towns were left without electricity. Presently, the storm situation persists in the region.

Due to the emergency situation, republican emergency response commission for liquidation of the consequences of the storm in Zhambyl region was established on the instruction of the President. The commission is headed by Deputy Prime Minister Krymbek Kusherbayev.

The commission has arrived in Taraz this morning to take measures on emergency liquidation. K.Kushherbayev held the first session of the republican commission in the airport of Taraz and gave a number of instructions on reconstruction of the life support systems affected by the disaster in Talas and Sarysu districts of the region. After the session, the Deputy Premier left for Karatau and Zhanatas.

Presently, emergency measures on reconstruction of electricity, heat and water supply too the districts are taken. 

Prime Minister Serik Akhmetov began his working tip to East Kazakhstan region visiting the city of Semey.

The first destination of the working visit was the Thermal Power Plant-1 of “Teplocommunenergo” Public State Enterprise. The Head of Government got acquainted with the work of the plant during the autumn-winter period and prospects for the plant development. Besides, the issues regarding construction of the Thermal Power Plant-3 in Semey were discussed at a meeting with the city authorities and representatives of “Samruk-Energo” JSC.

The Prime Minister also visited “Firm Asia” LLP specializing in production of ready-mixed concrete. The head of the company told S.Akhmetov about technological aspects of production of reinforced concrete products and plans on the enterprise development.

The Prime Minister also held a meeting with businessmen of Semey where the topical issues of development small and medium business in the region were discussed.

Heads of the central and local executive authorities, business associations participated in the meeting. Governor of East Kazakhstan region B.Saparbayev, Chairman of the board of “Soyuz Atameken” Chamber A.Myrzakhmetov delivered reports. Speaking at the meeting, A.Myrzakhmetov said that an office of “Soyuz Atameken” Chamber would be opened in Semey.

Serik Akhmetov supported the proposal of A.Myrzakhmetov on establishment of an affiliate of “Soyuz Atameken” National Economic Chamber in Semey.

“Soyuz Atameken” is a large business association. I believe that establishment of the first Coordination Council in Semey is the right decision. The Council will be a platform for discussion and finding solutions of problems of entrepreneurs as well as for consideration of promising initiatives,” the Premier said.

Addressing the regional entrepreneurs, S.Akhmetov called to more actively develop business environment. “Our meeting not occasionally takes place in Semey. Your city doesn’t have any powerful strategic enterprises, therefore, small and medium business plays an important role for the city. The President pays special attention to Semey development. 16.6 billion tenge is planned to be allocated for the city development this year,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister instructed authorized agencies to coordinate the process of implementation of the state programs between the central and local executive authorities and business taking into consideration the region’s development dynamics.

“It is important to provide an opportunity for implementation of promising regional cluster projects on the basis of international experience and regional potential. Special attention should be paid to attraction of foreign investors and activation of financial institutions of the country including development institutes,” S.Akhmetov emphasized.

The Premier charged the Governor of the region to establish a center of entrepreneurship support and a center for investors support in Semey this year. Completing the session, the Prime Minister expressed confidence that the regional akimat and business would make an essential contribution of development of the region and the country in whole.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov will visit East Kazakhstan region within his working trip.

S. Akhmetov is expected to visit facilities of industrial sector and familiarize with the progress of implementation of the state and sectoral programs.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov chaired a session focused on the issues of preparation for the EXPO-2017 in the Ukimet Uyi today.  

The session participants reviewed the process of implementation of the instructions given by President Nursultan Nazarbayev on December 6, 2012 at a session of the state commission for organization and holding of the international exhibition EXPO-2017.  

The main aspects of the draft national plan on preparation for the EXPO-2017 were addressed at the meeting. In particular, the issues regarding preparation of the Registration Dossier of the exhibition, cooperation with the International Bureau of Exhibitions as well as establishment and activities of the state commission were discussed.

At the end of the session, the Prime Minister gave a number of specific instructions to the authorized agencies.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov chaired a conference call to review implementation of the President’s instructions on activation of the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development realization.

Heads of the central and local executive authorities and national companies took part in the session. Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Industry and New Technologies Asset Issekeshev delivered a report.

537 projects were launched within the Industrialization Map over the last 3 years. Products worth 1.4 trln tenge were manufactured. The processing industry has been stably developing since 2010. The index of actual volume in the industrial production increased in 12 regions of the country over 11 months of 2012 compared to the corresponding period of 2011. The projects of the Industrialization Map have great positive impact on the national economy,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Besides, A.Issekeshev said that there existed some problems in implementation of the State Program of Forced Industrialization which should be addressed. Seven projects launched in 2010 stand idle. Besides, commissioning certificates on 18 projects presented in the second half of 2012 were not submitted yet,” A.Issekeshev informed. The Deputy Prime Minister told about a number of reasons which, according to him, slow down implementation of the Program.

Heads of the central and local executive agencies took the floor at the session as well.

Summing up the results of the conference, the Prime Minister strongly criticized the executive bodies for inadequate attention and coordination of issues regarding implementation of the Industrialization Program and the Industrialization Map.

“The emphasis in the Program implementation is shifted from the center to the regions now. Regional authorities don’t pay proper attention to attraction of both domestic and foreign investments. It is necessary to ensure transition to advanced technologies and productions, intensify the work on fulfillment of the economic growth reserves in the region for a mid-term,” S.Akhmetov said.

At the end of the session, the Head of Government charged the executives to ensure strong control over achievement of the target indicators of the Industrialization Program and work out a detailed action plan on implementation of the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development for 2013-20147.

“Action plans on driving the projects up to the rated capacity output were approved for every project. It is crucial to ensure control over their implementation. Pragmatic approach to implementation of projects should minimize the risks taking into consideration the new realms including the membership in the Single Economic Space and the upcoming WTO accession. The President set a task to ensure successful completion of the first five-year plan of the Program over the next two years,” S.Akhmetov emphasized.

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov chaired a session focused on the results of the wok of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC for 2012 and the company’s priority goals for 2013 today.

The heads of the subsidiary organizations of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” as well as the heads of railway departments, mains, regional safety supervisors took part in the session.  

Speaking at the session, President of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC Askar Mamin said that the national company reached the target operational indicators in 2012.

“In particular, the freight turnover index exceeded 235 billion ton-kilometers, which is 5.4% more against the previous year. The passenger turnover exceeded the last year’s indicators by 14%, while the company’s profits increased by 15.7%,” A.Mamin told.

The head of the company informed about the execution of a set of measures on renovation and modernization of the transport assets and infrastructure facilities.  

Nine large plant manufacturing high-tech products with high export potential were built in partnership with General Electric, Alstom, Talgo, Siemens companies within the framework of the State Program of Forced Industrial-Innovative Development.  

Speaking at the session, A.Mamin also told about the main tasks for 2013 regarding increase of the operational and financial indicators and implementation of the action plan on realization of the Program of Transport Infrastructure Development for 2010-2014 and the Development Strategy of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC till 2020.

Summarizing the results of the session, Serik Akhmetov highly appraised the work of “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” company in 2012. “The basic operational and financial indicators have been reached and planned activities were fulfilled. Efficient development of all economic sectors mostly depends on well-coordinated and effective performance of the transport sector,” the Premier said.

The Head of Government set a number of tasks before “Kazakhstan Temir Zholy” JSC. In particular, S.Akhmetov placed special emphasis on the necessity to upgrade railway transportations system, introduce innovations and ensure further development of the transport sector.

“The company should pay permanent attention to improvement of passenger transportation services and quality of freight transportation services. Efficient development of all economic sectors mostly depends on well-coordinated and effective performance of the transport sector,” S.Akhmetov emphasized.

The Prime Minister gave instructions to work out plans on establishment of a network of transport and logistics centers both inside the country and abroad. “In order to continue integration into foreign markets, it is necessary to develop terminal and service infrastructure both inside the country and beyond its borders,” S.Akhmetov said.   

Besides, the Premier charged to complete establishment of the national railway freight carrier and a company rendering infrastructure services this year.   

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that the tasks on development of transport and logistics potential of the country set before the company would be fulfilled maximum effectively.

A meeting of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Serik Akhmetov with First Deputy Chairman of “Nur Otan” National Democratic Party Bakytzhan Sagintayev was held in the Central Office of the Party today.   

The issues of interaction of the Government and the Party in a number of spheres, in particular, in implementation of the main tasks set in the President’s Address to the Nation “Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy: New Political Course of the Established State” were addressed at the meeting.

S.Akhmetov expressed satisfaction with the level of cooperation between the Government and the Central Office of the Party as well as with the faction in the Majilis.

B.Sagintayev, in his turn, long-term strategic goals of the Party would be defined within the framework of implementation of the President’s Address. Draft laws, program documents outlined in “Kazakhstan 2050” Strategy will be discussed on the platform of the Party.

Besides, the positive dynamics of implementation of nine key priorities of the Party’s Program “Kazakhstan. 2017 Goals” was appraised at the meeting.



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